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University of Oregon Environmental Studies Dept.

Student Adviser/Office Assistant (April 2014 - September 2017, Part-Time)
  • Advised over 800 students on course planning, career paths, study abroad opportunities, and internships in detail to ensure completion of courses to graduate on time, utilizing excellent skills in the Microsoft Office Suite.

  • Collaborated with over 80 faculty, graduate students, and staff to effectively complete department projects with clerical verbal and written skills

  • In charge of equipment check out system and printer issues, sending in requests for maintenance and helping determine future equipment purchases for following years.

  • Help in job hiring process through application generation, communicating position availability to community, conducting interviews, and setting up internal meetings for deliberation.

  • Create a spreadsheet of all courses offered at the university that could be applied to major courses, including rotating or seminar courses, adding pertinent information including title, syllabus, professor, credits, term offered, and more to allow faculty to approve or disapprove courses to meet major or minor requirements​​.

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