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Encompass Energy Services, LLC

GIS Field Technician (March 2018 - March 2019, 3/4 Time)
  • Work with Enterprise to map out structures within a 500' buffer of a pipeline network throughout Louisiana to assess high consequence areas.

    • Field data collection for two weeks in rural Louisiana using Collector and Trimble devices to update, create, and attribute structure information with vacancy and total occupancy information​.

    • Delivered a web map and a QA/QC'd file geodatabase with required feature classes adhering to federal regulations.

    • Worked in direct contact with client to make sure job was successful and completed with high precision.

  • Work with Noble to create data driven pages and alignment sheets through Lightning in ArcGIS Pro.

  • Review, update, and construct alignment sheets for existing and planned pipeline installations showing elevation profiles, location of key pipeline attributes, stationing, PI bends, fences, landowner changes, and more.

  • Create monumnet records based on field surveys to update county records of monument locations, conditions, or new monuments by a public land surveyor. Drafted sketches to show tie-in points, fences, roads, and other useful information for monument identification.

  • Gather data from AutoCAD Civil 3D and covert the data and attributes into usable GIS data.

  • Attach and edit object information for pipelines, parcels, or other key features within a Civil 3D drawing used for deliverable.

  • Create weekly reports for client on land owner approvals for pipeline construction to determine length of pipeline signed off or pending based on the contract with landowners.

  • Create a weekly deliverable geodatabase for Conoco pipeline network installation in Greeley with updated center lines, permanent easements, temporary work spaces, additional temporary work spaces.

    • Created a python script to automate gathering of data from AutoCAD, adding updated attribute information, and transform the data into a single file geodatabase to deliver.​

  • File 8-1-1 calls to figure out currently existing pipelines that are around a new pipeline installation ​we are contracted to complete.​​

    • Talk with field workers to determine the proposed center line with their own pipeline networks to determine overlaps and if flagging or other precautions are necessary for construction.​

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