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Hello! My name is  Justin and I am a student at CU Denver pursuing a MA in Applied Geography and Geospatial Sciences with passions in mapping, cartography, marine ecology, and terrestrial ecology, finishing the degree in May 2020. I completed my undergraduate degree in June 2017 at the University of Oregon in Geography and Environmental Sciences. I additionally have outdoor passions which include scuba diving, rock climbing, hiking, and skiing. Scuba diving is my main passion, where I have recently furthered my scuba diving education by becoming a dive master. My professional objective is to collaborate these passions into a career path that will ultimately allow me to travel the world. I hope that my portfolio shows you insights into my past experiences, skills, portfolios, projects, and areas of interest to further my career endeavors. Enjoy!

Resume Download

My professional experiences exemplify my background in communication skills,  problem solving, and critical thinking both individually and in teams. Working in multiple office environments gives me interdisciplinary experience with a diverse group of individuals. Below is a link to my resume which can show a diverse array of projects, companies, and awards I have completed and received.

Work Experience

The purpose of this page is to expand on the skills and projects listed in my resume. Each project I worked on contains a project life cycle that varies in complexity, work groups, critical thinking skills, and other aspects. I feel it is crucial to see each project in detail to see how the assignment and process was tackled to ensure a high quality product. Thus for each of my professional experiences I list and discuss the projects and tasks in greater detail.

Graduate Experience

Over two years of studying GIS softwares and applications, I have developed a robust set of projects which demonstrate my diverse skill set in GIS processes. A variety of platforms were used to create projects, including web mapping applications through ArcGIS and Mapbox. These projects additionally show  the tools, processes, and techniques required for specific analyses of data sets.

Undergraduate Experience

My marine projects stem from my study abroad program in the Southern Caribbean Sea. Through this intesive research program I gained skills for scientific diving research, knowledge on the local ecology, and gathered initial data leading towards my undergraduate honors thesis. The program inspired me to pursue this passion by completing my PADI Dive Masters program through the University of Oregon.

CONTACT ME Tel: 303-815-7190

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