My professional experiences exemplify my background in communication skills,  problem solving, and critical thinking both individually and in teams. Working in multiple office environments gives me interdisciplinary experience with a diverse group of individuals. Below is a link to my resume which can show a diverse array of projects, companies, and awards I have completed and received.



My cartography portfolio consists of my work in the University of Oregon InfoGraphics Lab, creating page layouts for an Atlas of Wildlife Migration: Wyoming's Ungulates. I worked on the project as an assistant cartographer researcher, utilizing cartographic principles and design techniques to edit, design, and create pages for the atlas.



Over two years of studying GIS softwares and applications, I have developed a robust set of projects which demonstrate my diverse skill set in GIS processes. A variety of platforms were used to create projects, including web mapping applications through ArcGIS and Mapbox. These projects additionally show  the tools, processes, and techniques required for specific analyses of data sets.



My marine projects stem from my study abroad program in the Southern Caribbean Sea. Through this intesive research program I gained skills for scientific diving research, knowledge on the local ecology, and gathered initial data leading towards my undergraduate honors thesis. The program inspired me to pursue this passion by completing my PADI Dive Masters program through the University of Oregon.



In my third year of college I enrolled in two projects under the Environmental Leadership Program. Each project investigated local terrestrial ecology within the Pacific Northwest. Specifically, the first project investigated aspen tree stand health and recovery in Central and Eastern Oregon. The second project investigate phenology of prairie flower species in relation to climate change variables.



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