Professional Experience

Environmental Studies Student Adviser
April 2014 - September 2017
  • Advise students on course planning, career paths, and internships in detail to ensure completion of courses to graduate on time
  • Collaboratively work and communicate effectively with faculty and staff to complete department projects with clear verbal and written skills
  • Troubleshoot and inventory office and department equipment to adhere to administrative needs
  • Organize, file, and update manuals and documentation based on University course changes, updates within the major requirements, and additions of new courses
  • Create a robust database of all courses offered at University of Oregon, if they apply towards the departments major requirements, status of review from faculty advisers, and where course is placed within the major requirements
  • Update database files with most current information every term
  • Lead hiring process for new student advisers, with application reviews, interviews, and training for the position
  • Advise a broader audience such as transfer students, high school students, and parents of students to provide a robust amount of information to encourage enrollment within our program
  • Utilize the Microsoft Office Suite to complete internship documentations, database management, and emails
  • Inform and advocate courses offered within the department and office changes within class lectures to groups of students ranging from 10-200 individuals
  • Update and maintain information on the department website with up to date documents, links, internship postings, photographs, and office information 
  • Help other student advisers with questions they have due to my experience and training at the position to answer unique or detailed questions of university requirements
InfoGraphics Lab Cartographer
September 2016 - September 2017
  • Updating page pair information based on changes discussed in internal meetings and conference calls
  • Use Illustrator to implement cartographic design changes with color coordination, proximity of labeling and mapping elements, alignment of similar features, and adhering to cartographic principles
  • Generate and digitize maps within ArcGIS/ArcMap to obtain general look of map design, then implement map in Illustrator for more detail designing
  • Utilize InDesign for placement of maps, graphs, text, and photos to best describe the story of that specific page pairs
  • Communicate effectively with group in Wyoming to explain cartographic designs of pages and problem solve solutions to match the data with the design of a page pair
  • Complete definition queries or SQL's to extract desired data to represent on a map
  • Take initiative to complete tasks assigned with little to no guidance besides information provided on the task
Results International Consulting Intern
July 2015 - January 2016
  • Completed research papers on water security and armed conflict issues for various countries around the world
  • Remotely communicate with individuals in Washington DC to complete assignments in a timely manner for clientele
  • Recruit additional interns at the University of Oregon with information sessions and outreach towards departments
  • Identify and implement scientific articles and journals effectively to describe and analyze armed conflict issue of interest
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